Phat Tich Pagoda is pilgrim heaven
Phat Tich Pagoda, which is famous as the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism, is located on the southern side of Lan Kha Mountain in Phat Tich Commune, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province.
The ten best destinations in Vietnam
Globalgrasshopper, a popular site for international tourists, has listed the top ten must-see destinations in Vietnam.
Khem Beach on Phu Quoc
Khem Beach on Phu Quoc    (Jul 10, 2012)
Phu Quoc Island must have been top of the list when The Creator gazed Eastwards and the peaceful tropical paradise in the warm turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand…
Ly Son Island    (Jul 09, 2012)
Ly Son Island
With many historical, cultural relics and fascinating tourist areas, the 10-square-kilometer Ly Son Island in the central province of Quang Ngai is an amazing tourist attraction.
Domaine De Mariet is Dalat delight
If you are ever fortunate enough to visit Dalat, then Domaine De Mariet hill also known as Doi Mai Anh or flower hill is a great spot to appreciate some local history.
Admire old architecture and antiques at Le Cong Old House
The Mekong Delta province of An Giang is famous for unique festivals such as Ba Chua Xu, Chol Chnam Thomay, Dolta festival and ox racing as well as tourist destinations such as Sam Mountain in Chau Doc, Cam Mountain in Tien Binh, Tuc Dup Hill, the grottoes network of Thuy Dai Son, Anh Vu Son, Co To, and many historical vestiges.
Ignore the drizzle and picnic in style to Ta Ngao Waterfall
People say coming to the Central Highlands city of Bao Loc at this time of the year must be depressing with the constant drizzle and chilly weather making people feel sad and down.
Ia Nhi Waterfall, a sleeping beauty in the jungle
Not many people know about Ia Nhi Waterfall in Gia Lai Province and do you know what they are missing out?
White Waterfall - longhair fairy awaits tourists' footprints
Quang Ngai has a peaceful combination of rivers, mountains and waterfalls together with many old relics and architectural works.
Visiting Tra Su Mountain in An Giang
Tra Su Mountain is a must-see destination in An Giang Province and it was a day we won't forget.
Cua Tung Beach - the charm of Quang Tri
Cua Tung Beach is regarded as the nation's "Queen of Beaches', attracting many tourists who come to experience its beauty.
Thai Vi, the temple of the king
Thai Vi Temple built by Tran Thai Tong, king under the Tran dynasty, is highly favored by tourists in Ninh Binh Province thanks to its long history and magnificent entourage.
Many beaches in Vietnam are mentioned in Forbers' and CNN Go's lists of the most beautiful beaches in the region, including An Bang, Sao (Star), Bai Lu and Quan Lan.
Primitive Suoi Mo awaits tourist footprints
When you mention Bao Loc City in Lam Dong Province, people think of the magnificent Dambri Waterfall, immense tea and coffee plantations and winding hills which exude the soothing dried tea aroma.
A sensual morning at Do Temple   (Jun 18, 2012)
A sensual morning at Do Temple
It was a beautiful summer morning as we departed under the glistening sunlight to Do Temple in Bac Ninh Province from Hanoi to flee the summer heat and enjoy the fresh air of the temple in the early morning.