Con Son-Kiep Bac Autumn Festival begins in Hai Duong
Update: Sep 30, 2015
The Con Son - Kiep Bac Autumn Festival commenced in the northern province of Hai Duong on September 29 in memory of General Tran Hung Dao, one of the most revered figures in Viet Nam’s history.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the 715th death anniversary of Tran Hung Dao (or Tran Quoc Tuan), Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Manh Hien recalled the General’s life and career.

Under the Tran Dynasty (1225 – 1400), the Supreme Commander led the Dai Viet (Great Viet Nam) army to victories over three major Mongolian invasions, making him one of the most accomplished military strategists in world history. He passed away on August 20 (lunar calendar) in 1300 at the age of 70.

To commemorate the hero, local residents built Kiep Bac Temple, which was recognised as a national heritage site in 1962 and a special national heritage site in 2012.

Following the ceremony, a military parade was held on boats on Luc Dau River, re-enacting the Tran Dynasty army during the second struggle against Mongolian invaders.

The festival, which will run through October 2, will feature a range of traditional rituals and cultural activities such as incense-offering ceremonies, a water puppetry festival and a boat race.

Located in Chi Linh Town, Con Son – Kiep Bac relic was the site of many important battles between the Tran Dynasty army and the Yuan-Mongolian invaders.

It was also closely associated with the lives and careers of Tran Quoc Tuan and the Great Man of Culture of the World Nguyen Trai (1380-1442), one of Viet Nam's most famous poets and writers.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism accredited Con Son-Kiep Bac spring and autumn festivals as national intangible cultural heritage in 2013.