“Ha Noi in me 2015” exhibition opens
Update: Oct 28, 2015
Over 80 photos, praising the beauty of nature, life and people in Ha Noi, are being showcased at a “Ha Noi in me 2015” exhibition, which officially opened at the Temple of Literature in Ha Noi on October 27.

This is  one of main cultural activities of Ha Noi People' Committee on the occasion of the capital’s 60th liberation anniversary.
The 10th "Ha Noi in me 2015" exhibition, themed "Ha Noi: 30 Years of construction and renovation”, introduces to visitors with images of the dynamic, creative and continuous developing city in the reform period in various fields, such as politics, economy, urban management and socio-cultural.

The exhibition reflects Ha Noi's most important achevements which the municipal Party, government and people have gained in the past 30 years of construction and renovation.

The event also promotes dynamic, friendly images of the capital city with rich culture - an attractive destination, to numerous domestic friends, foreign investors and tourists.

The exhibiton displays about 80 pictures selected from hundreds of representative works in the process 30 years of innovation of the capital.

Works dispayed at the exhibiton inform Ha Noi's impressed moments shifted from the centrelised and subsidized economy to market mechanism.

During the exhibiton, images of dynamic, modern city with the rich culture have been appeared through photos of modern buildings, bridges, roads and the production lines.

Addressing the event, Nguyen Minh Duc, Chief Editor of the Economic & Urban Newspaper and Head of the Organizing Board said, the exhibition will be a reminder of nostalgia, clearly expresses the pride to Ha Noi and  deep love of the city's residents, as well as authors who live, work and are associated with Ha Noi in the past years.

This is an annual activity, organized by Ha Noi Elderly Photographer Club, supported by Economic & Urban Newspaper. The exhibition run until October 31.