Exploring Ha Tien Township in Kien Giang Province
Update: Jul 13, 2016
Ha Tien is a small township in Kien Giang Province. Its 22km coastline borders the Gulf of Thailand. Ha Tien boasts magnificent landscapes which attracts lots of tourists.

In the middle of the 17th century, Ha Tien was a deserted region. But from the 18th century, it became a busy commercial port. In 1714, Mac Kinh Cuu explored the land and offered it to the Nguyen Lord, who later named the land Ha Tien. At that time, Ha Tien covered the whole of Kien Giang Province and some adjacent areas. Local historian Truong Minh Dat said: “The word Ha Tien derives from Ha meaning river and Tien meaning fairy. Ha Tien means a river where fairies come to bathe on the full-moon day”.

Ha Tien has become famous for several beauty spots including Dong Ho swamp, a place isolated from modern urban life. The swamp is surrounded with a range of coconut trees. Mui Nai village, 5km from Ha Tien downtown is home to the most beautiful beach in Kien Giang Province and attracts visitors because of the peaceful waves and beach that inspires visitors to cover themselves with sand to absorb its minerals into their skin. Not far from Mui Nai are other beautiful spots such as Thach Dong Cave, Chong Islet, and Hang Pagoda.

About 5 km from Ha Tien, Thach Dong mountain is uniquely shaped. It is 90m above sea level and has a circumference of 45m. Inside the mountain is Tien Son pagoda, which was built of wood in 1790. From the mountain side, visitors shave a panoramic view of Ha Tien Township.

With its beautiful, peaceful landscape and rich culture, Ha Tien is a special attraction in the Southern region. Dao Thi Nuong, a tourist, says she loves the fresh air and tranquility of Ha Tien“Ha Tien is also a destination for pilgrims. From Ha Tien, we can go straight to Phu Quoc and Cambodia. These three regions can be incorporated to establish a tourist route of the sea and islands, different from that of other 9 Mekong Delta provinces”.

Ha Tien is a meeting place for generations of Southerners. Despite the influx of tourism, the lives of the locals remain undisturbed and the town retains its peacefulness. Ms. Nuong again: “Ha Tien is different from other tourist places. It has the sea, mountains and estuaries which are the advantages for developing tourism”.

The number of tourists to Ha Tien has increased. With its unspoiled nature, rich culture and hospitable people, Ha Tien is undoubtedly a popular tourist destination in southern Viet Nam.