Workshop promotes modern tourism
Update: Oct 21, 2016
A workshop was held in Ho Chi Minh City on October 20 to promote modern tourism to fully tap Viet Nam’s tourism potential.

Director of the Saigon Culture Art and Tourism College Vu Khac Chuong said tourism development is yet to match potential due to lack of investment, poor infrastructure and service quality.

Participants shared the view that Viet Nam has great tourism potential with a 3,000 km-long coastline, 125 beaches, 40,000 relic sites and landscapes, including world-class ones.

Therefore, the country can promote numerous types of modern tourism, such gastronomy tour, field trips to countryside, sea and island tourism, and spiritual tourism.

They also underlined the need to develop high-quality human resources to meet requirements of these new modern tourism models.

Nguyen Van Luu, member of the Tourism Advisory Board, said it’s necessary to make an overall survey of tourism workers in all provinces in the country, thus taking specific plans to improve their capability.

Tran Thi Mai from the Ho Chi Minh City Open University also said that human resources development is vital for the sustainable and responsible modern tourism development.