Traditional fishing festival held in Quang Tri
Update: Sep 11, 2017
A traditional fishing festival named ‘Pha Tram’ took place on September 9, in the Tram Tra Loc ecological tourism area, Hai Xuan commune in the Hai Lang district of Quang Tri province, attracting a large number of local people and visitors.

The festival attracts many local people

The purpose of the festival is the day of discharge of water into the lake to welcome the new rainy season, and also to clean the environment in the ten-hectare Tram Tra Loc Ecological Area.

Participating in the festival, each villager in Tra Loc village carried fishing instruments, such as nom (fishing tackle), luoi (fishing net) or vot (fishing racquet).

The festival dates back more than 300 years. It is considered to be a festival for farmers who toil in the fields all year around, after harvesting the summer-autumn rice crop. Upon catching a big fish, the fishermen must shout loudly to encourage other participants. All the participants enjoy the festival.

According to Le Phuoc, a local person, the festival is trully meaningful to the local people after harvesting the summer-autumn rice crop. With the ‘Pha Tram’, the local people have caught fish while discharging water in the lake preparing for the next season, for this reason, all people are happy to participate, he added.

In order to develop the festival, the management board of Tram Tra Loc Ecological Area and the Tra Loc village’s management annually hold the festival as a traditional event of the village, according to Cap Huu Hanh, Head of Tram Tra Loc Ecological Tourism Area’s Management Board.

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