Tan Trao on right way to be national tourism site
Update: Apr 09, 2018
Prime Minister’s recent approval of Tuyen Quang’s master plan for development of Tan Trao national tourism site through 2030 offers the northern mountainous province a golden opportunity to develop tourism and lift the local people’s living standard. More in the followings.

Tan Trao was once the home of President Ho Chi Minh and the Party central agencies before the success of the August Revolution and in the resistance war against French colonialists.

The master plan aims to develop Tan Trao into a leading revolutionary, historical and cultural tourism centre in the northern mountainous region and the country as well.

Pham Van Nhat, a resident in Tan Trao commune, Son Duong district, Tuyen Quang province told reporters: "We are glad that the Party and State has facilitated and invested in our commune to make the local economy soar and turn our hometown into a national tourism site. We ethnic minorities are thankful for that."

The site is expected to welcome 1.5 million visitors, including 2,000 foreigners, by 2025, and 2 million holidaymakers, including 35,000 international tourists, by 2030. Revenue from tourism at the site is hoped to exceed 26.3 million USD in 2025 and 2.4 million USD five years later.

According to Vien Ngoc Tan, Deputy Director of Tan Trao historical, cultural and ecological relic site, at first the site's managing board will clean up the site and make sure tourism activities operate in a sustainable manner. Secondly ​they will pay heed to human resources training, especially tour guides in the relic site. ​Policies on promoting investment and developing new tourism products and appropriate security measures will be devised as well, said Tan.

To make the master plan works, Tuyen Quang authorities need detailed plans to ensure the progress of developing Tan Trao into a national tourism site, while preserving historical relics, cultural traditions, and the ecosystem.