Exploring Muong Hoa valley by mountain train
Update: Aug 20, 2018
From now to December 31, Sun World Fansipan Legend arerunning a discount program for visitors to discover Muong Hoa Valley by mountain train and enjoy Muong Hoa cuisine.  

The funicular will offer residents and tourists the chance to enjoy scenic views of the paddy fields in Muong Hoa valley in the northwestern region, especially in September and October.

A round-trip ticket on the Muong Hoa funicular from Sa Pa town to Fansipan cable car station will be discounted by up to 75% to VND50,000 each ticket for both adults and children.

The promotional program will run until the end of the year and is the biggest discount campaign offered by Sun World Fansipan Legend since Muong Hoa funicular was put into operation.

Sun World Fansipan Legend has also launched a program to explore Muong Hoa cuisine at attractive prices ranging between VND150,000 and VND200,000.

With this program, visitors can enjoy a delicious meal of some of the specialties from the northwestern mountain region.

The mountain train will take tourists from Sun Plaza at Sa Pa town, through two tunnels and across four viaducts to the Fansipan cable car station. Overthe 2km journey, visitors will have a panoramic view of the paddy fields in the Muong Hoa valley through their cabin windows.

At the Fansipan cable car station, tourists will be able to explore the local market which boasts a wide variety of colourful brocade clothing and unique specialties. They can join cultural exchange activities with traditional music and dance program, and folk games.

There are also plans for diverse night time activities for tourists such as campfires, traditional dances and impressive performances by European artists.

Concluding the funicular tour, visitors can continue their spectacular journey on the Fansipan cable car for an aerial view of beautiful mountain landscapes and green forests. The cable car will then carry tourists to the top of Fansipan, where they will be up among the clouds with a thrilling view of the world below.