Vietnamese puppetry shines in Russia
Update: Aug 23, 2018
Artists from the Viet Nam National Puppetry Theatre treated Vietnamese expatriates in Russia to a show at the Ha Noi-Moscow Complex (Incentra) on August 21.  

A performance by  the Viet Nam National Puppetry Theatre in Russia

The show drew a crowded audience and rounds of applause.

Earlier, the Vietnamese troupe took part in the Petrushka World Puppet Carnival in Yekaterinburg from August 12 – 20. The event attracted the participation of 30 countries, with 40 performances staged. Viet Nam won top prize and was recognised as the best puppet-design team. 

While in Yekaterinburg, the troupe also hosted a show for the Vietnamese community.   

General Manager of the theatre Ngo Thanh Thuy said that the team is deeply moved when performing for Vietnamese in Russia.

According to Thuy, many expatriates said since they moved to Russia, this was the second time they had saw a show by a national art troupe of Viet Nam in the host country. They said the performance reflects the cultural life of Vietnamese farmers which is so close and familiar to them, she added.

Thuy stressed that her team is proud of growing Vietnamese traditional puppetry art and finishing the Yekaterinburg carnival as one of the top troupes.

The Viet Nam National Puppetry Theatre has a 60-year-long history of development, housing a significant number of leading puppetry researchers, directors, visual artists, fine art decorators and puppet performers.