Cuttlefish Hotpot
Update: Aug 27, 2018
Just 92 km from Nha Trang, Dai Lanh is a district that can be easily accessed by car.  

You will be amazed by how delicious and inexpensive the local hotpot is. There are so many types of hotpot that you will never get bored of eating cuttlefish all day long. The price is also surprisingly cheap.

There are several types of cuttlefish in Dai Lanh, but people only use certain types to make the hotpot. Cuttlefish must be fresh when cooking this dish; they must have a good size and special flavor. Because all the ingredients are chosen for their particular qualities, every hotpot is distinctively delicious. Its fragrance and taste are so unique that it always stands out among similar dishes from other parts of the country. The Cuttlefish hotpot tastes best when seasoned with fresh chili and herbs, parsley, and basil.


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