More efforts needed to preserve border areas’ ethnic culture
Update: Jan 28, 2019
Viet Nam has consistently attached great importance to preserving and promoting ethnic culture, especially in border areas, considering it an important task of national development.

Ethnic culture in border areas is unique but prone to being lost due to influence by those of neighboring countries. Hoang Thi Anh Tuyet, a Tay ethnic in Cao Bang Province, said it’s necessary to create a more favorable environment for young Tay people to practice and promote their traditional Then singing.

"The majority of our hometown’s population are ethnic people. We must protect and promote our traditional cultural values, customs, and religions," said Tuyet. 

Cao Bang Province’s Trung Khanh District is a popular tourist destination. In addition to its diverse specialties, Trung Khanh is famous for its traditional Then singing of the local Tay and Nung ethnic people. The local authorities have focused on raising people’s awareness on preserving their ancient Then singing versions while organizing regular exchanges to promote Then singing’s unique values to both domestic and foreign visitors.

"We have cooperated with the provincial association of protecting folk songs to organize performances and exchanges to promote Then singing. We have also organized training classes on playing the Tinh musical instrument which accompanies Then singing.

This aims to better preserve the traditional art form while providing tourists a deeper understanding of it," said Mong Van Luc, Deputy Chairman of Trung Khanh District's People's Committee. 

Then singer Nguyen Van Tho of Tay ethnic in Lang Son Province told VOV "I hope authorities at all levels and concerned parties will devise policies to create better conditions for the artists to introduce our traditional art forms to a wider public.

Those who contribute to promoting national cultural heritages should be honored and well taken care of."

"Communications should be boosted to give the public an insight into Then singing’s uniqueness. The provincial folk song association has been very active in organizing training classes on the art form as we aim to establish folk song groups in every district in the coming years," said  Nguyen Hong Van, Deputy Director of the Cao Bang provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.