Cao Bang: Phja Oac - Phja Den National Park
Update: Nov 13, 2019
(TITC) – As part of in UNESCO Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark, Phja Oac - Phja Den National Park (73km from Cao Bang City) owns beautiful natural landscape, pure air. The park has great advantages for ecotourism development. Today there are still vestiges of villas and guesthouses built by the French since the early 20th century.
Covering 10,245.6ha in Thanh Cong, Quang Thanh, Phan Thanh, Hung Dao communes and Tinh Tuc town (Nguyen Binh District), the park was established on January 11, 2018 in order to protect its outstanding natural landscape, diverse ecosystems and geoheritage values.
Phja Oac and Phja Den are the names of two mountain peaks: Phja Oac (1,931m), also called as the "roof of the West" of Cao Bang Province and Phja Den (1,391m).
The park owns primitive forests, 1,287 species of plants, 496 species of vertebrates, and thousands of species of invertebrates, insects ... Of which 352 species of plants, 58 species of rare animals recorded in the Vietnam Red Book. These valuable plant and animal genes are valuable resources which need to be strictly protected.
Geologically, this area is a mixture of terrigenous, karst and granite intrusive rocks, resulting in a mixture of karst and non-karst landforms. The diversity of topography, geomorphology and geology, together with unusual local climatic conditions, creates special natural ecosystems.
Coming to Phja Oac - Phja Den National Park, visitors will admire many species of natural flowers blooming such as azaleas, orchids in spring and snow flowers covering mountain and branches in winter.
In addition, travelers can visit other attractions such as Khai Phat Post, weaving brocade village of Dao Tien ethnic people, Tinh Tuc tin mine, Kolia tea plantation, salmon farm and experience traditional costumes and festivals of the Dao, Nung, Tay, and Mong ethnic people.
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