Cuttlefish Egg Cake in Ca Mau
Update: Dec 12, 2019
No one can truly define the attractiveness of the Cuttlefish Egg Cake in Ca Mau. No one knows why this cuisine is in folk songs that every child in U Minh knows by heart.
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Likewise, no one can find out the identity of the wonderful cook that created this tasty dish. However, whenever they are asked to recommend the best cuisine in the region, people in Ca Mau would probably come up with the same answer: Cuttlefish Egg Cake.
The cuttlefish cake is a fried dish that has a yellowish color like Cinnamon Meat Cake. In reality, it looks pretty good and has a distinctive smell. Each piece is only about 25cm2 big. They are served with fresh herbs, veggies and rice papers. When eating, we wrap each sheet of rice papers around the vegetable and a piece of cake. The dish is best served when it is accompanied by the special local sauces such as Mam Nhi sauce, or lime-salt-pepper sauce. In every bite, we can feel the softness of the vegetables, the stickiness of the rice papers and the buttery flavor of the cuttlefish eggs which make this dish stand out from others.
Usually, the people of Ca Mau consider this dish as a special gift to give to the visitors from other parts of the country. It is also a wonderful present to send to the people who live far away from their hometown so that they can savor the taste of their village again. If you ever have a chance to go to the coastal regions in Ca Mau, never forget to eat this wonderful dish because you will find it in nowhere else in Viet Nam.
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