Da Lat Flower Festival wraps up in success
Update: Dec 26, 2019
Colourful art show “Vu hoi hoa mua Dong” (Winter Flower Ball) at Lam Vien Square wrapped up the 8th Da Lat Flower Festival in Da Lat city in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong on December 24.
Colourful art show “Vu hoi hoa mua Dong” (Winter Flower Ball) wraps up the 8th Da Lat Flower Festival in Da Lat city on December 24. (Photo: VNA)
Speaking at the closing ceremony, Chairman of the Da Lat City People’s Committee Ton Thien San said this year’s Da Lat Flower Festival ended in success as it has deeply impressed visitors. The festival has attracted over 250,000 domestic and foreign visitors to Lam Dong, he said.
The chairman added that the event provided an opportunity for the province to foster trade, investment and tourism and promote other local signature products, such as silk and tea.
After the closing ceremony, a number of the festival’s events will continue taking place until January 2, 2020 to welcome tourists who come to celebrate the New Year in the city. They include flower shows around Xuan Huong Lake and the city centre fountain as well as on Le Dai Hanh Street and Ong Dao Bridge; an international flower and bonsai exhibition; and Da Lat Flower Trade Fair 2019.
Held from 20 – 24 in Da Lat and Bao Loc cities, the biennial cultural and tourism festival cherished flowers and the flower growing sector in Da Lat, and this year had the theme “Da Lat and Flowers.”
It showcased all the colourful flowers grown locally by decorating public areas around Xuan Huong Lake, flower villages, tourist attractions, and major streets with them.
There were 13 major events at several venues, including an international flower and bonsai exhibition and the Da Lat Flower Trade Fair, a Vietnam-Korea culture and art exchange programme and a scientific conference on architectural heritage of Da Lat.
Workshops on investment, trade and tourism promotion in Lam Dongprovince and the links between the tea and mulberry industries with the socio-economic development of Bao Localso took place.
A Lam Dong Tea and Silk Culture Week with the theme “B'Lao shimmering night” promoted the tea and silk industries in Bao Loc while a fashion show featuring unique designs made from Bao Loc silk and brocade was held on December 22./.