"Bo la lot", fragrant grilled beef rolled in lolot leaf
Update: Apr 27, 2020
"Bo la lot", grilled beef in lolot pepper leaves, has emerged as a popular street snack in Vietnam thanks to its fragrance.  

“La lot” has a somewhat spicy pepper taste. After grilled, preferably on charcoal, its magic herb-like fragrance is released.

Ingredients include minced beef mixed with garlic and some spices, mixed well, stuffed into lolot leaves and rolled up like cigars. Piper lolot leaves are often used to wrap meat across Vietnam and Laos.

The dish originated in southern Vietnam, though its popularity has reached both northern and central regions. It is commonly served with rice vermicelli or steamed rolls made of rice-flour, rice paper, a lot of fresh herbs and veggies,

In Saigon, Lieng’s shop on Vo Van Street in District 3 and Hoang Yen’s on Co Giang Street in District 1 are not-to-be-missed addresses.