Vietnamese cultural exhibition in France
Update: Apr 06, 2009
A series of art activities and an exhibition on Vietnamese culture were organised in France’s Tremblay les Villages City from April 3-5 by the France-Vietnam Friendship Association.

Hundreds of visitors have been attracted to the event, which included films about Vietnamese land and people and show-case of special products and traditional handicrafts of Vietnam such as silk, lacquer, ceramics, and special foods.

Cecile Minh, President of the France-Vietnam Friendship Association said the exhibition aims to improve local people’s understanding about Vietnam, thus enhancing friendship between the two nations.

All the money raised from the exhibition will be donated to the disabled and war victims.

Established in 1992, the France-Vietnam Friendship Association currently has about 150 members. The association has conducted numerous humanitarian projects focusing on health care, education and vocational training in Vietnam.

The association has also raised funds to help disabled people support Vietnamese students in their study in France and assist in cooperation between local health care sectors of the two countries.