Vietnam Cultural Day hosted in Cairo
Update: Mar 18, 2021
A Vietnam Cultural Day in Cairo was held by the Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt and the Egyptian Ministry of Culture on March 16, bringing together local governmental officials, scholars and locals.
A Vietnam Cultural Day is hosted in Cairo, featuring a photo exhibition on Vietnamese distinctive culture and landscapes. (Photo: VNA)
In his opening remarks, Vietnamese Ambassador Tran Thanh Cong highlighted milestones in the Vietnam – Egypt relations, particularly in culture, which have contributed to strengthening mutual understanding between the two peoples and tighten the long-standing bilateral ties.
He expected the event will bring Egyptian people and friends closer to Vietnam and allow them to know more about the country’s economic achievements over the previous years. Cong also hoped that more Egyptian investors and entrepreneurs will come to Vietnam to invest in the fields of tourism, economics and culture.
Former Ambassador of Egypt to Vietnam Reda Al-Taifi, for his part, shared about his favourable experience and impression of Vietnam during his mission in the country.
He urged the two countries to boost cultural exchange, expand cooperation in tourism and jointly organize activities in multiple areas, especially culture and tourism which both sides have strengths in. Vietnam and Egypt should accelerate communication and promotion campaigns for people to be more familiar with popular destinations of each side, he said.
The Vietnam Cultural Day featured a seminar on Vietnam – Egypt relations, the screening of a documentary and a photo exhibition about Vietnamese distinctive culture and landscapes, and a cuisine event showcasing the country’s traditional food and coffee.