Binh Thuan to preserve and develop Vietnamese Ethnic
Update: Jul 19, 2021
Preserving and developing the cultural characters of the ethnic groups over the past time has been quite well-done by the branches and localities in the province to serve the cultural and spiritual life of the provincial ethnic communities. Many types of cultural heritage have been exploited to promote their values for tourism development to increase local budget revenues and create jobs for people.
Kate Festival at Po Sah Inu tower relic (Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet city).
Collect and manage many precious artifacts
To enrich the exhibits, the Provincial Museum annually collects hundreds of artifacts for research, display, and promotion to the people and visitors. These artifacts contribute to improving the quality and efficiency, enriching the topics on display at the museum, and promoting the typical cultural Binh Thuan's ethnic features to the people and travelers.
Many historical-cultural relics, scenic spots, and traditional festivals, typical local culture have been researched, restored, preserved, embellished, and promoted their values. Besides, these items do not only promote but also develop cultural tourism activities and attract a large number of tourists to Binh Thuan. 
Remake unique festivals
Binh Thuan province is known for having many unique festivals. In order to promote this advantage in tourism development, over the years, the province has implemented many scientific research topics and projects related to the conservation and promotion of the value of ethnic relics and traditional festivals. 
Among them, there are many festivals that have been remade after decades of not being held. As in 1999, the Nghinh Ong festival of the Chinese in Phan Thiet at Quan De Mieu, Duc Nghia ward, Phan Thiet city was reconstructed after nearly 70 years of non-implementation. The festival has attracted a large number of local Chinese, and neighboring provinces attended. Since then, the festival has been held once every two years. The Kate festival of the Cham people at the ruins of Po Sah Inu tower was restored in 2005 after nearly 50 years of not being held. Since then, every year, the Relic Management Board of the Provincial Museum has maintained a regular organization to meet the needs of the cultural and spiritual activities of the Cham people in the province and visitors. In 2017, the organization researched and updated the festival of the Ancestral Anniversary of the Hung Kings at the Hung Vuong temple in Phan Ri Cua town in Tuy Phong district from the local festival to a provincial festival.
Festival of Thay Thim Palace in La Gi town.
Cultural institutions building to serve the spiritual life of the people 
Besides investing in cultural products to serve tourism development, the province also pays attention to the investment budget in order to build a system of cultural institutions and support equipment for communes, especially those in the region ethnic minorities.
Most of the cultural houses in communes and villages, after being built and put into operation, have promoted their effectiveness in organizing cultural, artistic, physical training, and sports activities attracting a large number of people to join.  
It must be affirmed that the preservation and development of the culture of Vietnamese ethnic minorities in Binh Thuan have brought positive results.
Many activities have been implemented effectively contributing to gradually affirming the correctness and people's satisfaction with the guidelines of the Party, policies, and laws of the State on the conservation and development of ethnic cultures.
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