Discovery of Fokienia Kingdom
Update: Aug 24, 2021
The Fokienia forest is located in Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam.
One of the ancient Fokienia trees in Tay Giang, Quang Nam
It takes visitors about 7 hours to drive to the edge of the forest from Hoi An city. The Kingdom of Fokienia is about 7km of uneven road from the edge of the forest.
The Kingdom of Fokienia is at an altitude of over 1,200 metres. It is a population of 2,011 ancient Fokienia trees. 1,146 of them are recognized as heritage trees.
The oldest are over 1,800 years old. The biggest is 19.5 metres high with a 3.5-metre diameter and an 11-metre trunk circumference. This Fokienia tree is 1,328 years old and called the Old Lady or Mum tree.
The Fokienia forest in Tay Giang is considered as the oldest population with the largest number among the trees in Vietnam red data book.
It is located between two communes, Axan and Tr’hy, where about 300 Co Tu ethnic people live. The 450- hectare core area of the forest is protected strictly by the Co Tu people there because they believed in the sacredness of forest and the protection from forest.
Fokienia forest is also considered the treasure from their ancestors, so they have to preserve it.
In the forest area, there is a village of 11 stilt houses in Co Tu traditional style surrounded by Zi’lieng stream. It is called Fokienia heritage ecotourism village of Tay Giang district, where visitors to the Fokienia forest can stay.
At this village, visitors can enjoy Co Tu art performances, play local folk games, and take part in some local festivals.
In the Kingdom of Fokienia, most of the trees are named based on their shapes such as Fokienia Mum, Five Tigers, Dragon, Elephant, Monkey, Pangolin, Octopus, Bear among others.
Fokienia heritage ecotourism village, Tay Giang district
Walking in the Fokienia forest, visitors have chances to listen to forest music, step on a comfortable soft mattress of forest leaves, and admire different bizarre shapes of the Fokienia trees.
The farewell to the Fokienia forest takes place next to a small sign with the words “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”. It is the message sent to visitors in hope of an everlasting well-preserved Kingdom of Fokienia in Tay Giang.
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