VNAT and SABECO sign cooperation agreement on Vietnam tourism promotion
Update: Dec 03, 2021
(TITC) – On December 2, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) and Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation (SABECO) and the launching ceremony of collection “Ban Sac Viet” took place in Ha Noi.

Deputy Minister Doan Van Viet speaking at the event. Photo TITC

The leaders of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MOCST), VNAT, SABECO attended the event.

Within the cooperation agreement, SABECO will coordinate with VNAT (under MOCST) to organize long-term activities that embrace the values of Vietnamese culture and tourism. The two partners will also build and develop tools and platforms to support the communication, promotion, and development of Vietnam's culture and tourism.

SABECO has officially announced the launch of the 2022 Tet Collection titled “Ban Sac Viet" (Viet Identity). The “Ban Sac Viet" collection is the strong and resilient 2022 greeting of Saigon Beer, with 63 beer cans featuring the typical scenery, culture and customs of a province or city, accompanied by a short poem depicting the local traditions.

The art direction of the collection was inspired by wood carving art - a typical art of Dong Ho folk paintings, which added rusticity and vividness to the printed images on the cans. Through 5 main colours including red, orange, green, blue and gold, the collection skillfully recreates the signatures of each region, implying the spirit of national cohesion of 63 provinces and cities across the country.

The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between VNAT and SABECO. Photo TITC

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister Doan Van Viet said that MOCST has implemented many policies to restore tourism activities including the domestic tourism stimulus program with theme "Safe tourism, attractive experiences" and the pilot plan to welcome international tourists with the message "Live fully in Vietnam".

He emphasized that, implementing the Vietnam tourism development strategy to 2030, MOCST pays special attention to developing cultural tourism, linking tourism development with national cultural identity conservation.

The “Ban Sac Viet" collection. Photo TITC

To realize the important goals of the Vietnam Tourism Development Strategy to 2030, it is necessary to join hands with the private sector, especially businesses, to support the development of infrastructure, technical facilities, and digital application in promoting Vietnam tourism brand.

Mr. Bennett Neo - General Director of SABECO at the event. Photo TITC

Mr. Bennett Neo - General Director of SABECO shared that “Ban Sac Viet" collection is to welcome the year 2022 with a lot of joy, hope and prosperity, and bringing everyone together as one TET. The positive spirit, additionally, has motivated SABECO to further move ahead in a long-term partnership with VNAT, MOCST to co-organize other meaningful activities to feature the unique and charming values of Vietnamese culture and tourism.

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