A trip to Green Island in Binh Dinh province
Update: Mar 07, 2022
The best time to visit Cu Lao Xanh (Green Island) in the south-central province of Binh Dinh, is from March to the end of summer. The island attracts much interest from visitors thanks to its pristine natural beauty and the over 100-year-old lighthouse.

Cu Lao Xanh attracts much interest from visitors thanks to its pristine natural beauty (Photo: NDO/Nguyen Le)

The island is 9km from Xuan Dai Bay, a famous tourist site in Phu Yen province, and 24km from from Quy Nhon City.

Covering an area of 365 hectares, tourists only need to spend one day exploring the island. However, many visitors decide to stay overnight at local homestays or camps along the beach to fully enjoy their trip to the island.

The perfect travel itinerary to explore the best parts of Cu Lao Xanh is visiting the east side of the island in the morning, and the south in the evening.

The first stop in the morning is the light house, which is aged more than a century. Standing at a height of 119m above sea level, its light can reach as far as 50km, the lighthouse significantly contributes to navigating local fishing boats. It is also a perfect place for vacationers to admire the sunrise on Cu Lao Xanh as it is thefirst place to receive the sun’s rays early in the day.

Near the lighthouse is the Thao Nguyen reef, where visitors can try rowing basket boats or go snorkelling to view the stunning coral reefs.

In the evening, let’s head to the south part of the island, which is the most populated area in Cu Lao Xanh. Visitors can find abundant menus full of fresh seafood at local restaurants, refuelling their energy after a long day.


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