Khanh Hoa Province: Potentials for investing ecotourism in Khanh Vinh
Update: Mar 11, 2022
Khanh Vinh district is about 30km to the west from Nha Trang, located between two major tourist cities Nha Trang and Da Lat. The district has great potentials for developing eco-tourism.

Many potential areas

70% of the population in Khanh Vinh are ethnic minorities, with 15 ethnic groups. The district has historical places, a high density of rivers and streams. Its climate is cool all year round.

The above factors are favorable for the development of eco-tourism in the district. Currently, in Khanh Vinh district, there are some tourist attractions like Yang Bay tourist park (Khanh Phu commune), Nhan Tam eco-tourism area (Khanh Hiep commune), Suoi Lach (Giang Ly commune), etc. Ma Gia, owner of Suoi Lach tourist destination shared: "Thanks to streams, trees and cool air, Suoi Lach attracts many nature lovers. However, due to small scale, it has not contributed much to the general tourism development of the district.”

Khanh Vinh still has potential places for tourism development but has not yet attracted big investment such as Da Ban stream (Khanh Phu commune), Mau stream (Khanh Thuong commune), E Du waterfall (Giang Ly commune), hot springs in Khanh Thanh commune, Zi-on waterfall (Khanh Trung commune), Salawen waterfall (Khanh Hiep commune), and some ecotourism projects applying for investment.

Boosting marketing to attract investment

According to Le Van Cuong, head of Culture - Information department of the commune, in order to boost eco-tourism in the district, it is necessary to promote and attract investors. Over the years, the district has paid great attention to facilitating investment and upgrading the inter-commune transport system. In particular, investment projects on roads into production zones not only have facilitated agricultural production but also have contributed to serving tourists.

Khanh Vinh district has set out tasks and solutions in the coming time to further the development of local tourism such as investing in infrastructure construction, proposing suitable options to invest in building roads to potential tourist destinations, strengthening propaganda, promotion and advertisement of service tourism, promoting tourism on the media in the province and the whole country, launching publications to introduce tourism of the district...

In addition, the district will continue to make efforts to preserve the traditional cultural values of ethnic minorities; invest and exploit ethnic cultural values to serve and attract tourists.

Ke Hat - Translated by T.T

Khanh Hoa News - - Febuary 28, 2022