"Banh ep": A dish certain to satisfy nighttime cravings in Hue
Update: Jun 06, 2022
'Banh ep' (Hue-style crepe), made with tapioca flour, pork and herbs never fails to impress visitors to Hue city.
Vendors prepare balls of flour containing meat fillings and fry them on order using an oiled cast-iron press. Supplementing the dish with quail eggs for added flavor is a good idea.
Before it is pressed, the dough is divided into small pellets in line with the pressing mold. The chef will put on top of the dough a few pieces of chopped bacon and meat marinated with spices and cook it on a charcoal stove. Customers can either order chewy or crispy versions of banh ep.
The dish is usually served with pickled papaya, Vietnamese cilantro and cucumber.
Stalls usually sell the dish until about 10 p.m. Visitors can enjoy this dish at many places including: 20 Nguyen Du, 1 Van Cao, 101 Ba Trieu, 116 Le Ngo Cat and 73 Tung Thien Vuong. Prices start at 2,000 VND to 3,000 VND for a regular-sized crepe and 5,000 VND for a larger one.
Nhan dan online - en.nhandan.vn - June 6, 2022