Interesting Vung Thung Spring
Update: Sep 29, 2022
While Ba Trai and Hop Hai springs bring fresh and cool feelings, Vung Thung, one of the springs of the magnificent Bach Ma mountain is attractive with the huge and clear natural “swimming pool”, which is suitable for tourists in love with swimming.

Enjoying swimming in the cool and clear stream

After coming into operation, the springs from Bach Ma mountain flowing into Truoi lake have brought about more attraction, bringing various memorable and interesting visit destinations for tourists when they come to Phu Loc lagoon.

With those loving the magnificent mountain space with the interleaving of rocks, streams, and trees, Hop Hai spring is considered an appropriate destination for experience. On the contrary, with those who are passionate about trekking and swimming, Vung Thung, the stream with an extremely wide stream bed must be an address not to be missed in the summer.

After around 10 minutes of travelling by boat across Truoi lake, tourists will come to the shoal. In the season of high water, the area adjacent to Truoi lake and Vung Thung spring is submerged in water. In the dry season, the shoals will gradually appear and together with the young grass build up a green prairie mixed with the driftwoods that have immersed in water for years.

According to the representative of Loc Hoa Youth Tourism Service Cooperative, normally, the right time to go to Hop Hai and Vung Thung springs lasts from May to the middle of September. At this time, Vung Thung stream is in its most beautiful season with the 1km-long trekking path, interspersing with green and imposing mountains.

Mai Nhan, a female tourist making her first time coming to Vung Thung spring shared: “The green lawn and the road laying under layer upon layer of mountains is one of the first reasons making me to choose Vung Thung as a place to visit. I love the lime color of the grass, the deserted status and the silence that are difficult to find in the city. Besides that, I also fall in love with the peaceful feeling of the huge space here”.

In addition to the green lawn, the charming scenery, the trekking path is also especially much more interesting by the appearance of birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. In the season of malva nut, if lucky, tourists can witness the image that the malva nuts swaying in the wind.

Going across the lawn, passing over a hundred meters laden with many kinds of rocks and pebbles, visitors can admire Vung Thung to the fullest. Bumping into their eyes will be a stream with a natural lake of hundreds of square meters width. Going through many years of abrasion, the seams of stones around the lake are smooth and shiny now. Together with the small waterfall “making white foam”, the whole scene is sparking with the sunlight reflecting on the see-through water surface. It is able to clearly see each pebble on the bottom of the lake with countless small fishes swimming.

With Vung Thung, the Sun generously sends a gift of bright, immense sunshine to enlighten the stream bed area. This light makes the see-through water mixed with the color of sky’s azure, dotting some “bobbing color” of the cloud, as well as the green color of the mountain and forest. All of those blend together and form a ravishing green color.

Tran Van Nhat, another tourist said excitedly: “I have come to many different springs in both A Luoi and Nam Dong. However, Vung Thung stream might be the only stream that I can enjoying swimming most. Jumping into the clear and cool water after a not-so-long trekking path, all tiredness, hardships and worries disappear”.

As a spring bearing the wild beauty of the mountains and forest, Vung Thung is becoming more and more popular. Mixing oneself with the cool water in a majestic and magnificent scenery of the mountains and forests, in addition to preparing a good health and physical condition, tourists need to maintain public hygiene, so that for those coming to this stream can fully experience the peaceful scenery of a Vung Thung “laying” deeply in the mountain.

Story and photo: Tue Lam

Hue News - - September 26, 2022