7 Must-Visit Destinations in Vietnam for Coffee Connoisseur
Update: Oct 03, 2022
From the 19th century until now, coffee has taken a journey to become an irreplaceable part of Vietnamese culture and life. Based on the votes of visitors, Booking.com has rounded up the 7 best destinations for coffee in Vietnam as endorsed by Vietnamese travellers.

Pleiku should be a destination high on the list of any coffee aficionado. (Photo:Booking.com)

Ho Chi Minh City

There’s no denying that the vibrant metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City has had a wide-spread impact on contemporary Vietnamese coffee culture. The city gave rise to the ca phe bet, literally “coffee on the ground”, referring to traditional coffee stops where people sit on small plastic stools lining the walkways, a piece of cardboard, or just bare concrete and enjoy a cup of the famed ca phe sua da – dark roast Vietnamese blend served over ice and condensed milk.

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Hanoians like their coffee strong and simple. A small cup of really dark, rich drip robusta, optionally served with a bit of condensed milk or sugar is all it takes. That is not to say the city doesn’t have its own gigantic collection of cool, photo-worthy coffee shops that roast some of the country’s best beans. The new generation of coffee lovers in Hanoi today are enjoying a mix of pour-over, classic, refined robusta blends along with the light yet flavourful taste of arabica and photogenic coffee shops. Sip your afternoon espresso and soak up rhythms of the old quarter from your private balcony at Soleil Boutique Hotel Hanoi.

Da Lat

There are lots of beautifully decorated coffee shops in Dalat perched on the edge of steep hillsides, located deep in the folds of pine-crested valleys or on the windswept property of some old farms – all impressively decorated. One such cafe is the coffee farm and roastery run by the K’Ho family – a nomadic minority of the Highlands region. Here travellers can learn about traditional methods of coffee production, and get a taste of the smooth, balanced flavour profile of K’Ho coffee, elevated by rounded notes of caramel and almond like no other.

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While in Dalat, breathe in some fresh air and slowly cherish your daily dose of caffeine in the serene nature at Zen Cafe Lakeside.

Buon Ma Thuot

Known as the nation’s coffee capital, Buon Ma Thuot is one of the largest growers of coffee beans in the Central Highlands and is the perfect destination for coffee enthusiasts. Red basaltic soil makes the whole region an ideal place for growing coffee. A must try is Buon Ma Thuot coffee – the enticing aroma and the taste of coffee rolls smoothly on the tongue and leaves a rich lingering aftertaste.

Trung Nguyen Coffee Village and World Coffee Museum are two famous spots where you can explore coffee-related artifacts, like vintage coffee containers, cups or equipment and traditional harvesting tools of the Central Highlands.

Vung Tau

Whether you’re a commuter grabbing a black coffee on the go or friends catching up over cappuccinos, there’s a coffee shop in Vung Tau to suit the occasion in every corner. With tourists coming in flocks, Vung Tau today is awash with a myriad of cafes keeping the morning crowd well-caffeinated with their own creative coffee-based concoctions.

Da Nang

With independent coffee shops rising exponentially over the past few years, Da Nang is a coffee-lover’s dream. The beachside walkway in Da Nang boasts a lovely combination of street coffee stalls, specialty roasters and Instagrammable coffee shops, with the sound of machines grinding beans and making espresso drowning out the morning commuters.

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Pleiku should be a destination high on the list of any coffee aficionado. Located in Gia Lai Province, Central Highlands, the city has geographical (high altitude) and climatic conditions favourable for coffee cultivation. Naturally, coffee has become a big part of the city’s culture and the locals are proud of their high-quality brews.

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