Sightseeing in Hoi An on Metaverse platform
Update: Feb 14, 2023
Visitors all over the world are now able to do some sightseeing in Hoi An right in their countries via Metaverse platform.

Japanese Covered Bridge on VR360 Hoi An Metaverse

Hoi An is now being presented on Metaverse platform, including three main parts, website VR360 Hoi An Metaverse (, Hoi An Metaverse Space, and 3D digital map of Japanese Covered Bridge (Chua Cau in Vietnamese).

Via, visitors can go to most of well-known places in Hoi An, having their interesting and lively virtual experience there.

An overview of Hoi An on VR360 Hoi An Metaverse

Each of the places is described and narrated, making it easy to visit Hoi An whenever they are not in Hoi An but, for example, in the US.

Currently, visitors can choose one of two languages (Vietnamese and English) to go sightseeing in Hoi An via VR360 Hoi An Metaverse.

Sightseeing Hoi An in Metaverse Space, visitors are able to interact or make conversations with other people; so, they may arrange virtual appointments or dates there.

Sightseeing Hoi An on Metaverse platform. Photo: Vietnamnet

Furthermore, the 3D digital map of Japanese Covered Bridge helps visitors locate the bridge exactly as on the global map.

Hoi An is planning to set up a place for visiting Hoi An in Metaverse Space at 8 Hoang Dieu Street (Hoi An city).

The system of Hoi An Metaverse Space is being developed with more information about restaurants, hotels and resorts, shops to meet visitors’ demands.

In addition, it is upgraded with more images and languages to attract more and more visitors.

Quang Nam News - - February 12, 2023