Beautiful places for coral reef snorkeling make tourists mesmerized in Con Dao
Update: Mar 14, 2023
The beautiful nature of Con Dao is not only a peaceful and unspoiled resort destination but also gives visitors many opportunities to participate in exciting experiences. In particular, diving to see the coral reefs of Con Dao is the most favorite activity to explore the colorful world under the ocean.

1. Bay Canh Island
It is considered the second largest island of 16 islands in Con Dao. Bay Canh Island is located in the east of Con Dao, covered by primeval forest, the tropical island's mangrove ecosystem with more than 150 species of animals and nearly 900 species of plants. Besides, this island also owns a beautiful beach like Bo Dap beach with diverse and rich coral reefs.

When coming here, you will have the opportunity to dive and see corals, fishes, and other marine species living on colorful coral reefs.

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2. Cau Island

Cau Island is an attractive tourist destination in Con Dao because of its pristine beauty with flat white sand beaches that are rarely comparable. And, it is also known as the solitary confinement place of the political activist, late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong.

Big Cat Beach on Cau Island is an ideal place to participate in many entertaining games and experiment with interesting experiences, enjoy the fresh air, and admire the stunning unspoiled beauty. This place only has blue sea, white sand, mountains and forests, golden sunshine, murmuring waves, and shady coconut trees.

In addition, you can also experience diving to see colorful corals on the seabed. Cau Island - Con Dao has extremely special coral reefs, their colors are more diverse and richer than in other places.

3. Ba Island

Hon Ba has a natural area of 576 hectares and is the third-largest island in the Con Son archipelago. Ba Island is connected to Con Son island by Cua Tu, forming Ben Dam Bay. This is a large, wind-tight bay that is a place to anchor and shelter from storms of fishing boats at sea.

According to legend, when Lady Phi Yen heard that Lord Nguyen Anh wanted to go to the French invaders for help, and especially the desire to send Prince Cai as a hostage for French aid, she dissuaded but he did not listen and accused her of colluding with Tay Son army, then imprisoned her in a cave on the island, so it is called Ba Island today. ("Ba" in Vietnamese is also known as Queen).

Coming to Hon Ba, visitors will have a chance to visit both forest and marine ecology, including mountain climbing, nature sightseeing, wildlife observation, bathing in the sea, swimming seeing corals, and visiting mangroves.

4. Tai Island

Located in the southeast of Con Son Island, Tai Island Con Dao owns an area of 34 hectares with a diverse marine flora and fauna ecosystem as well as a pristine natural landscape, not yet subject to too much human impact. Tai Island Con Dao is an ideal attraction and resort for those who want to have a moment of peace and closeness to nature more than ever.

Tai Island attracts people with its clear blue water, fine white sand, and diverse ecosystems.

Visiting Tai Island Con Dao, people who cherish exploring nature will certainly not have a moment to rest because there are countless fascinating activities and experiences here. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy waving in the cool water, admiring majestic natural scenery, and a series of other memorable experiences such as scuba diving, watching the vivid underwater aquarium with countless flocks of fish swimming around the reef.

Source: hngan - Translated by: My Phương

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