Phu Yen ready for the culture - tourism week in 2023
Update: Mar 30, 2023
Celebrating 412 years of establishing and developing Phu Yen province, 48 years of Phu Yen Liberation (April 1st, 1975 - April 1st, 2023), the Provincial People's Committee will organize a Culture - Tourism week to create a joyful and healthy atmosphere in the People. This is also an opportunity to introduce and promote the culture, potential and strengths of Phu Yen province to stimulate tourism demand, opening the peak tourism season in 2023.

Repertoire in the art program opening the Culture - Tourism week in 2022

Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed Ms Nguyen Thi Hong Thai, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism about organizing the series of events. Ms Thai said:

- The culture - tourism week is one of the key activities of the year, concretizing the programs and plans of the province and the industry in order to implement the action plan of the Provincial Party Committee and the plan of the Provincial People's Committee on investment in tourism development in the 2021-2025 period, striving to become a spearhead economic sector of the province by 2030. The event aims to introduce Phu Yen's unique culture, promote tourism potential, and attract investment, stimulate tourism, continue to build the brand of Phu Yen - An attractive and friendly destination.

* Culture - Tourism Week is an annual event, on a provincial scale. What main activities will the event have this year, madam?

- Culture - Tourism Week will take place during 7 days (from April 1-7, 2023) in Tuy Hoa city and some localities in the province.

During this time, many cultural and artistic activities, festivals, tourism and culinary activities will take place continuously. The main activities (at the provincial scale) include: Opening ceremony of Culture - Tourism week at 8 pm on April 1st,  on April 1st Square , broadcast live on channel VTV8 - Vietnam Television Station; Festival of bands and musical groups expanded for the first time - 2023 (from April 2nd to 4th), with the participation of many bands and music groups inside and outside the province; Tourism - Culinary and Region Specialty Fair of Phu Yen 2023, taking place from April 1st to 7th, at April 1st Square.

During this time, Tuy Hoa city will preside over the following activities: Announcing and awarding the prizes, introducing the winning songs at the Tuy Hoa songwriting contest; Tiktok Dance dance competition; introducing delicious Tuy Hoa dishes; Festival of Bai Choi Art Club in Tuy Hoa city. Song Hinh district will hold the 10th Song Hinh district's cultural and sports festival - 2023. The Provincial Youth Union will hold the final of the 17th Dream Kite Award.

* So far, how has the preparation for Culture - Tourism week 2023 been implemented, madam?

- It can be seen that the activities in the week of Culture - Tourism Phu Yen 2023 are full of culture, entertainment, cuisine and tourism. The art program on the opening night will be elaborately and uniquely choreographed by the Sao Bien Folk Music and Dance Theater. Other cultural and artistic activities are spread throughout many days. These events have the participation of many dance groups, clubs, students’ dance groups from schools in the city, bands and music groups outside the province, promising to create a festive atmosphere, attracting many tourists during the event.

In particular, in this series of activities, two activities related to culinary culture and tourism that attract attention are the Tourism - Food and Specialty Fair of Phu Yen region 2023 taking place throughout the week and the contest of introducing Tuy Hoa’s delicious dishes.

So far, the work of organizing the fair and inviting participating units has been being carried out urgently. The fair will have the participation of many agencies, units, businesses, tourism investors inside and outside the province; tourism human resource training units, etc. Here, visitors and tourists will be introduced and directly enjoy and experience the dishes, specialties, and OCOP products of Phu Yen province and many other provinces and cities. Travel, accommodation and service companies will also introduce product packages and service packages with many incentives to stimulate tourism activities.

Activities in the week of Culture - Tourism Phu Yen 2023 are bold in culture, entertainment, cuisine and tourism; we hope to bring visitors interesting experiences when coming to Phu Yen province on this occasion.

Translated by Trinh Thuy

Phu Yen News - - March 26, 2023