“Awakening” the night economic potential on Cam mountain
Update: May 11, 2023
Developing night economy is a trend in many localities today. For An Giang province, these activities are also being developed step by step. In which, Cam Mountain tourist area (Tinh Bien town) is one of the locations with many strengths to exploit the night economy.

The view of Cam mountain at night

First attempts

Developing the night economy in Vietnam is a major policy, concretized through the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1129/QD-TTg dated July 27, 2020. In An Giang, developing the night economy is one of the goals mentioned in the Draft of Provincial Planning for the period of 2021 - 2030.

On that basis, and at the same time realizing the appropriate conditions of Cam Mountain Tourist Area, An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center, the Management Board of Cam Mountain Tourist Area has implemented orientations to develop the night economy here. These activities will bring a new look to Cam Mountain, retain tourists staying on the mountain, and contribute to the development of local tourism.

Camping at night on Cam Mountain

In the immediate future, the focus of night economic exploitation in Cam Mountain tourist area is identified as Thuy Liem lake area. It has three famous attractions: Maitreya Buddha statue, Big Buddha temple, Van Linh pagoda, so it always attracts a large number of tourists day and night. Around the lake, there are about 200 business households, providing culinary, accommodation and shopping services, capable of meeting the diverse needs of tourists.

To lay the initial foundation for the night economy, Cam Mountain tourist area has recently been embellished with landscape, planted new ornamental flowers, installed lighting systems, decorative flower lights, and security cameras. In particular, ornamental flowers on the main roads and around Thuy Liem lake are cared for regularly. The lighting system stretches from the foot of the mountain to the top of its, the central area of Thuy Liem lake, the branches ... help the mountain more shimmering at night and safe for visitors. The camera system is installed along the route to the tourist area, ensuring security and order, minimizing the situation of pickpockets, robbers, and guest enticement.

Located next to Thuy Liem lake, May market for many years has attracted the attention of the media and tourists, because it is considered a "unique" market in the West. At the beginning of 2023, May market put on a new look, it’s more spacious, clean and spacious. Those images bring excitement to residents and visitors. May Market is refurbished not only to meet the current business needs of the people, but also expected to go into night business in the near future.

Consensus of the people

Night economic activities also receive a strong response from business households living with tourism services on the mountain. Since the end of 2022, the Center for Trade and Investment Promotion has held a meeting of business households to inform about the direction of night economic development in the area of Thuy Liem lake, which is agreed by the households.

Food service at night on Cam mountain

As a result, many restaurants around the lake not only increased in number, but also focused on embellishing the appearance and improving service quality. Hostels and homestays also invested in landscape decoration, increased nighttime culinary services, in order to best serve the accommodation needs of tourists. In particular, a number of events such as weddings, gatherings, collective activities, etc. were held at night on Cam mountain that had never existed before.

On May 02, 2023, at the central square of Thuy Liem lake, the first acoustic music night on Cam Mountain was successfully held, attracting a large audience. For many people, acoustic nights are very ordinary, can be found anywhere. But for Cam Mountain, this is a passionate activity that all tourists expect and try to do, in order to bring new images of this mountain to visitors.

The acoustic music night on Cam Mountain

To ensure a safe - friendly - civilized tourism environment, the Management Board of Nui Cam Tourist Area regularly reminds business households to maintain environmental hygiene, food safety, behavior, prices and quality,... Business households have seriously complied and joined hands to build the image of this mountain. In general, the tourist environment at Cam mountain is currently appreciated by many tourists.

Mr. Le Trung Hieu - Director of An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center said: “The night economy is a long and arduous journey, requiring the cooperation of many sides. For Cam Mountain, the night economy is being implemented step by step in many forms, with the hope of diversifying tourism activities and keeping visitors at night. The goal of the night economy is not only to promote local tourism, but also to develop the economic life of the people.”

In the past, tourists from near and far have always been interested in the majestic natural scenery of Cam Mountain. But now, we have the opportunity to enjoy this mountain with shimmering beauty when night falls. Not only that, night tourism activities on Cam mountain are diverse and attractive, promising to bring visitors interesting experiences. With the cooperation of management agencies and local people, it is believed that the night economic potentials of Cam Mountain will be quickly "awakened"./.

News by Yen Luong - Translation by Thi Huynh

An Giang Portal - angiang.gov.vn - May 10, 2023