Concerns about reviving, promoting traditional craft villages in movies
Update: May 16, 2023
The revival of Vietnamese traditional craft villages in movies is not only contributing to the film’s content valuation but also preserving and promoting local cultural values and traditional crafts.
Dinh Yen mat village is revived in the movie, “Lat Mat 6: Tam ve dinh menh” (Face Off 6: The Ticket Of Destiny).
The movies, “Lua” (Silk) by director Tran Duc Long and “Lat Mat 6: Tam ve dinh menh” (Face Off 6: The Ticket Of Destiny) by film producer and director Ly Hai, that have just come to cinemas nationwide revived Ma Chau silk village in the Central province of Quang Nam and Dinh Yen mat village in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap respectively.
Sedge mat weaving existed for nearly 100 years in Dinh Yen Commune of Lap Vo District, Dong Thap and was recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.
Traditional craft villages were chosen as shooting locations for many films and for exploring stories associated with their careers over the past time, such as “Mau cat” (Colors of sand) by director Nham Minh Hien presenting the traditional craft of making sand painting and his another picture titled “Man” (Salty) showing salt production, a TV series called “Ngu hoi tan hy” by director Dung Nghe on the traditional craft of fish sauce making, and more.
Only movies on crafts and life bring a true feeling that is kept due to their immortal value. Stories of traditional craft villages are a unique feature of the film, said director Nham Minh Hien.
Director Tran Duc Long hoped that the value of Vietnamese traditional crafts will be preserved, promoted, and developed.
Director Ly Hai said that he wants to create a painting of the countryside and a traditional craft of sedge mat weaving at risk of dying out.
Movies of traditional craft villages usually face difficulties, including reviving the craft village in a realistic manner at a limited cost and honoring the craft village while creating a coherent story. Notably, film crews often receive a lot of support from the local people at the shooting locations.
Movies about traditional craft villages must have close coordination between the film crew and localities. The pictures attract audiences at first and then create certain values in promoting the image of the craft villages to bring economic benefits to the localities.
By Van Tuan – Translated by Kim Khanh
SGGP Online - - May 11, 2023