Tourists are not charged to attend the Lady Temple Festival of Mount Sam in An Giang
Update: May 28, 2024
The Management Board of Nui Sam National Tourist Area (An Giang province) has recently issued notice 77/TB-BQL concerning the non-organization of the collection of fees for tourists to visit and participate in the Lady Temple Festival of Nui Sam in 2024.

The Lady Temple Festival of Mount Sam

In 2024, the Nui Sam National Tourist Area Management Board will not charge tourists a fee to visit and participate in the Lady Temple Festival of Nui Sam from 00:00 on 28/5/2024 to 23:59 on 03/6/2024 (with the intention of targeting the 21st April lunar calendar to the end of the 27th April lunar calendar).

This year, the Lady Temple Festival of Mount Sam, which will commemorate its tenth anniversary, is included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage (2014-2024) list. The festival will be held from May 22 to June 3, with the goal of observing the 15-27 April lunar calendar.

During the Lady Temple Festival of Mount Sam, traditional ceremonies are performed, including The opening ceremony will be held at the Vinh Dong Trade Centre in Nui Sam ward, Chau Doc city, at 19:30 on 28/5 (targeted for the 21st April lunar calendar). The ceremony will include the procession of the Lady of Mount Sam (22nd April lunar calendar), which will involve the statue of the Lady being carried from the stone pedestal on the top of Mount Sam to the stage of the Lady Temple. The bathing ceremony will take place at 24 hours on the 23rd day of the 4th lunar calendar.

The ceremony of declaring Mr. Thoai Ngoc Hau from the tomb to the Lady Temple will be held on the 25/4 lunar calendar; ceremony and adoration (at 24:00 on the 25th day of the 4th lunar calendar); priest's feast (27/4 lunar calendar); revival ceremony, which transitions Mr. Thoai Ngoc Hau's identity from the Lady Temple to the tomb (27/4 lunar calendar). In particular, the opening ceremony programme on Tuesday, May 28, featured a light display that featured 300 drones.

Festive activities that are designed to preserve, honour, and promote the intangible cultural heritage of the Vía Ba Chua National Festival of Mount Sam. Simultaneously, in order to stimulate tourism demand and attract tourists, the locality should introduce and promote the images of lands, people, landscapes, historical relics, and typical and unique cultural heritage values to both domestic and foreign individuals in order to achieve socio-economic development.

Author: P.V - Translator: Kim Thuan

An Giang Portal - - May 27, 2024