Beautiful terraced rice paddy fields in harvest season in Mang Den (Kon Tum)
Update: May 28, 2024
Since the end of May, picturesque landscape of ripe paddy fields in Mang Den town has drawn a large number of tourists.

Kon Tu Rang village in Mang Den townlet (Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province), which is famous for ripe paddy fields, is around 10km from the townlet’s center. Travelers can choose motorbikes or automobiles to get there.

However, because it is also in the rainy season, and roads are being repaired, tourists should change to motorcycle taxis and taxis.

Local terraced rice paddy fields are located at the foot of the Ngoc Le mountain and surrounded by Dak Bla stream. The destination also has the Kon Tu suspension bridge, from where travellers can see an overview of terraced rice paddy fields.

Minh, a tour guide in Mang Den, shared that visitors may experience beautiful moments of ripe rice season in Kon Tu Rang village in May, quite sooner than most localities in the Northern mountainous region of the country.

Unlike equal parts of paddy fields in delta areas, terraced rice paddy fields in Mang Den differ in sizes.

Paddy fields here are going to ripen. It is an ideal time for tourists to visit and take photos. At the same time, they can trek to the top of Ngoc Le mountain to enjoy the overview of paddy fields.

According to Minh, tourists can spend  half a day in Kon Tu Rang, before touring several destinations in Mang Den such as a cafe shop near Mang Den pass, National Highway 24 heading to Quang Ngai province or the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in Mang Den.

Translated by Song Anh

PANO - - May 27, 2024