Phun Abyss: Unveiling Phu Yen’s hidden forest gem
Update: Jun 17, 2024
Phun Abyss is a captivating sanctuary nestled within Phu Yen, characterized by its lush green forests, majestic cliffs, tranquil ambiance, and pristine crystal-clear water. This enchanting landscape invokes a sense of awe and wonder in every visitor who steps into its serene embrace.

Phun Abyss is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and lush green trees - Photos: Xuan Vinh

Nestled within the Da Den mountain range, in Hoa My Tay Commune, Tay Hoa District of Phu Yen Province, Phun Abyss is approximately 35km from the city center of Tuy Hoa. This natural wonder derives its name from its distinctive geological structure. At the summit of the abyss, layers of solid rock formations stand prominently. From a height of 50 meters above sea level, streams cascade down the rugged rocks, creating foamy white water and generating an echoing sound that resonates throughout the surrounding mountainous forest.

Phun Abyss is encircled by majestic mountains and thousands of lush green trees, creating a picturesque landscape that is both romantic and grandiose. The abyss is characterized by towering cliffs stacked upon one another, and amidst the moss-covered rock formations, forest trees flourish abundantly, enhancing the natural beauty of this tranquil scenery.

A visitor enjoys kayaking at Phun Abyss

Visitors to Phun Abyss can fully immerse themselves in untouched nature, surrounded by verdant mountains and fresh air. They can enjoy the cool, refreshing water or trek along the trails to explore the source of the Banh Lai River. Additionally, visitors can partake in various physical activities such as kayaking, mountain climbing, and more. Barbecue parties and camping with friends are popular activities that bring about feelings of joy and relaxation, offering a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

To fully appreciate the beauty of Phun Abyss, it is best to visit during spring and summer. During this period, the weather is dry with less rain, making travel and outdoor activities convenient. The lush greenery, blossoming flowers, and vibrant scenery create an incredibly impressive natural landscape.

Phun Abyss remains relatively untouched, with limited tourism services. Due to its rugged terrain and steep cliffs, travelers need to exercise caution when moving around. It is advisable to equip oneself with non-slip footwear and comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothing. To ensure safety during the trip, visitors are encouraged to travel in groups, wear life jackets when bathing in streams, and avoid swimming in areas with strong currents.

By Le Quoc Hung - Dang Huy

Saigon Times - - June16, 2024