One of the world's most beautiful streets in Hoi An
Update: Jun 19, 2024
Tran Phu street in Hoi An ancient town in Quang Nam province has just appeared on the list of the most beautiful streets in the world. The street is home to numerous heritages and vibrant

According to Architectural Digest, a prestigious architecture magazine, Tran Phu street in Hoi An ranks 45 out of the 71 most beautiful streets in the world for some reasons. One of them is that the lantern festival is monthly held on this street.

Tran Phu street is located in the centre of Hoi An and is approximately 1 kilometre long and 5 metres wide. It starts at the Japanese Covered Bridge (Chua Cau) and ends at Hoi An Market. During the French colonial period, it was the main street of Hoi An and was named Rue du Pont Japonais, meaning Japanese Bridge street.

Bougainvillea in various colours is grown along Tran Phu street and in front of the ancient houses. It blooms all year round, making the street always vibrant and an ideal spot for photographing.

On Tran Phu street, there is a famous historical site called Guangdong Assembly Hall, whose architecture is in Chinese style. It is attractive to travellers and those who want to explore the ancient town.

In addition, there are many other historical sites, such as the Quan Cong Temple, the Assembly Halls of Fujian, Ngu Bang, and Hainan on Tran Phu street. All of them are located on the side of the street with even numbers.

This 'heritage street’ is not only a place for taking a stroll but also a great place for experiencing.

The street becomes a paradise for virtual living, enjoying tasty foods and drinks, and shopping.

Tran Phu street has a lot of greenery, providing shade for pedestrians. After a pleasant walk along the street, travellers can drop in Hoi An Market at the end of the street to enjoy the local specialties of Hoi An.

When the sun goes down, Tran Phu street is beautiful, like an oil painting, with its ancient beauty and serenity. On this street, travellers also find several rooftop cafes where they can take pictures and enjoy a panoramic view of the over-400-year-old city from above.

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