Art troupes of five continents to take part in Hue Festival
Update: Apr 12, 2010
Over 40 foreign art troupes from 31 countries of five continents will participate in Hue Festival 2010 in the central province of Thua Thien - Hue from June 5-13 with the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development” towards the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi, the 50th anniversary of sister cities of Hanoi – Hue – Saigon.

The Hue Festival 2010 will feature many large-scale, impressive cultural art performances alongside hundreds of special tourism programmes to honour the unique cultural values of Vietnam in general and Hue in particular, expand the international exchange and promote tourism in the country.

Particularly, the “Navy manoeuvre under the Nguyen Dynasties” on the Huong River with the participation of 900 people was re-enacted to review the tradition of founding and defending the country, glorifying the power of Vietnamese people in the war.

Besides the Grand opening and closing ceremonies, a variety of well-staged and interesting performances will also take place, including the Ao dai Grand show, the “Oriental night” programme, the performance of Viet’s beauty of the second edition called “the resonance of Ngan River”, many community activities like Hue Poem Festival, science seminars and the painting exhibition themed “From Thang Long Ancient Capital to Hue Ancient Capital” on Trang Tien Bridge of hundreds of painters and fine arts students should be paid great attention.