Regional students celebrate festival
Update: Apr 13, 2010
Vietnamese students have joined their friends from Laos, Cambodia and Thailand in performing native music and dances in a cultural exchange programme held in HCMC to celebrate the traditional New Year in the three neighbouring countries.

The programme, organised by the General Consulates of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand as well as the Union of Friendship Associations, was held at the HCMC Youth Cultural House on April 11.

It was one of several celebrations organised for foreign students studying in HCMC universities.

Chol Chnam Thmey in Cambodia, Bpee Mai in Laos and Trut Sonkran in Thailand are observed from April 13-15.

Students from these countries joined local friends to participate in quiz competitions and group dances during the programme.

The event attracted hundreds of participants and audiences with various music, dance and lifestyle of the neighbouring countries.

Kaing Chandra, a 22-year-old Cambodian in his first year at the HCMC University of Medicine, said this was the first time he was celebrating the New Year in a foreign country.

He said the programme was a good way to learn about other countries' cultures and to make friends.