Publications promote Vietnamese folk culture
Update: Jun 15, 2012
A thousand research works have been published on Vietnamese folk arts and culture by 446 artists, during the first phase of the "Publication and Promotion of Vietnamese Ethnic Group Folk Culture and Arts" project (2008-2012).

This was announced by the Party Central Committee Commission for Communication and Education and the Vietnamese Folk Arts Association (VFAA) on June 13 at a conference in Hanoi to review the implementation of the project.

The published works covered a wide range of topics reflecting folk literature, traditional performing arts, architecture, customs and festivals, as well as the cultural identities of numerous Vietnamese ethnic groups such as the Kinh, Thai, Tay, Mong, Muong, Dao, Cao Lan, San Chay, San Chi, Khang May, Kho Mu and Phu La.

The publications have been distributed to 239 university and college libraries, as well as 240 boarding schools for ethnic minority pupils, 400 libraries at border posts, and 705 provincial and district libraries across the country.

They have also been sent to 63 radio and television stations, 63 communication and education committees, and literature and arts associations throughout the country as well as foreign organisations in Vietnam and Vietnamese representative offices abroad.

The project was initiated by the VFAA and approved by the Government in 2008, aiming to preserve and promote the treasured cultural assets of Vietnam's 54 ethnic groups and encourage study and research in the field. It also encourages reading among the public and promotes Vietnam, its people and culture to international friends.

During the second phase of the project, 1500 research works on Vietnamese folk art and culture are expected to be published from 2013 to 2017.