Vietnam's largest Xoe dance performed in Yen Bai
Update: Oct 02, 2013
(TITC) - Vietnam's largest Xoe dance was a highlight of the ceremony to announce Decision approving the Project of "Promoting Nghia Lo Town as a cultural tourism destination in the 2013-2020 period" organized by the People's Committee of Nghia Lo Town (Yen Bai Province) at Nghia Lo Town Stadium on 29th Sep. 2013
The mass ancient Xoe dance on an unprecedented scale had the participation of 2,013 professional and amateur actors, Nghia Lo Town's artisans; of which more than 90 percent are Thai ethnic women wearing traditional costumes.

Specially, six folk dances were performed, including Kham khen (holding hands), Nhom khan (throwing scarves), Om lom top mu (clapping hands and walking in circle), Don hon (stepping up and down), Pha xi (dividing into four parts), Kham khan moi lau (offering wine) whose origins were found by three People's Artists Lo Van Bien, Dieu Thi Xiem and Hoang Thi Van. They also participated in staging of six folk dances.

For Nghia Lo Town, Xoe dance plays an important role in the festivals and people's cultural life. The Vietnam's largest ancient Xoe dance performed by Nghia Lo's people contributes to lure tourists to this copious cultural destination.

In the mean time, Nghia Lo Town was holding other activities such as buffalo fighting festival, sports activities, tours...

Hong Nhung