Co Loa appreciated the most large-scale structure in Southeast Asia
Update: Dec 05, 2014
Based on researching results, Co Loa citadel, constructed by King An Duong Vuong in the third and second century BC, was appreciated as the oldest building and the most large-scale structure in Viet Nam and the Southeast Asia.

The citadel protected the capital, king and royalty and was also a solid military defensive base.

The statement was made by scientists at a seminar held in Ha Noi on December 3rd, arranged specifically to discuss the results of on-going research on the Co Loa Citadel, since 2007. The Centre for Thang Long – Ha Noi Heritage Preservation in coordination with the Institute of Archaeology have taken the lead in the research and organized the seminar to disseminate the results to date.

In addition, scientists also discovered techniques of piling up the citadel, Dong Son ceramics, iron tools and firer relics in the location.

From these interesting discoveries, the scientists continued to present proposals to relevant committees and agencies to select the most outstanding areas in the citadel for further study and restoration, to help the local population and foreign friends understand more about the relics.