Muong folklore regconised by federation of UNESCO associations
Update: Jun 01, 2015
“Mo Muong Hoa Binh”, folklore told by Muong ethnics in northern Hoa Binh province, and 20 Mo artists are officially recognised as cultural heritage under the patronage of the Viet Nam Federation of UNESCO Associations (VFUA).

“Mo Muong” was presented with a certificate of patronage of the VFUA on May 28 after a lengthy process of observation of the practice in Lac Son and Tan Lac districts by VFUA experts, as well as a review of relevant documents.

Doan Anh Tuan, a representative from the VFUA, stressed the urgent need to preserve the valuable folklore which has passed on from generation to generation by “ong Mo”, local ritual specialists.

Mo folksongs performed by the Muong ethnic minority people comprise of three types, including “Mo nghi le” (Mo ritual), “Mo ke chuyen” (Mo epics – old legends, such as “De Dat De Nuoc” or Giving birth to the Earth and the Water) and “Mo nhom” (which focus on describing scenery).

They reflect the culture of the ancient Muong and promote solidarity between family and community members.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Chuong said the locality plans to scale up its effort to promote the traditional art form and create a public sense of responsibility for cultural heritage preservation.

The province will soon complete the papers necessary to nominate Mo Muong Hoa Binh as a form of national intangible cultural heritage.