Tourists are not charged to attend the Lady Temple Festival of Mount Sam in An Giang
The Management Board of Nui Sam National Tourist Area (An Giang province) has recently issued notice 77/TB-BQL concerning the non-organization of the collection of fees for tourists to visit and participate in the Lady Temple Festival of Nui Sam in 2024.
Localities welcome first tourists of Lunar New Year 2024
Nui Sam (Sam Mountain) National Tourist Area in Chau Doc City, An Giang Province, welcomed more than 300,000 visitors on February 10 - the first day of the Lunar New…
Unique colorful raft village at confluence of Chau Doc River
The An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center has launched the tourism product Colorful Raft Village at the confluence of Chau Doc River, at Cham Da Phuoc Village Residential Area,…
Lonely Planet reveals three of Vietnam's 'hidden charms'
In a recent article titled "Discover where locals travel in Vietnam", the renowned travel website Lonely Planet revealed three "mysterious" yet equally alluring places to visit in Vietnam.  
An Giang: Many new tourism products to serve tourists
 An Giang is entering the peak tourism season of Spring 2024. Unique and attractive tourism products are also being offered by tourist areas, destinations, units and businesses to attract and retain tourists.
Traditional tailoring preservation in Quang Nam
 Faifo Tailor, a fashion band under Faifo Join Stock Company, was founded in hope of preserving the traditional beauties and cultural values of handmade costumes by Hoi An tailoring artisans.  
A glimpse of Phung Hoang Mountain (An Giang)
Located in the middle of vast, immense fields, Phung Hoang Son (Nui To commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province) is one of the seven most beautiful and majestic mountains in That Son with many mysterious stories of ancient people when opening the teritory.
Irresistible by delicious specialties from the flood season
The flood season not only creates a vast and beautiful landscape of rivers and water but also brings the people of An Giang a rich source of natural products that can be processed into unique and delicious dishes that are only available during the flood season.
Chau Doc (An Giang) - a locality with great potentials for spiritual tourism development
Located at the beginning of the southwestern border of the country, Chau Doc city has a rather special geographical position, located at the confluence of rivers, where the Chau Doc and Hau rivers meet; in the middle of 3 busy economic border gates: Tinh Bien international border gate, Vinh Xuong international border gate - Tan Chau town and Khanh Binh national border gate - An…
Via Ba Chua Xu festival nominated for UNESCO recognition
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced that the Via Ba Chua Xu festival in An Giang Province will be selected to be Vietnam’s nomination in 2024 for UNESCO's recognition as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
“Awakening” the night economic potential on Cam mountain
Developing night economy is a trend in many localities today. For An Giang province, these activities are also being developed step by step. In which, Cam Mountain tourist area (Tinh Bien town) is one of the locations with many strengths to exploit the night economy.
Event schedule in May 2023   (May 09, 2023)
An Giang: Sam Mountain National Tourist Area strengthening support for tourists
In order to enhence image promotion, improve service quality, and bring good impressions to tourists, over the past time, the Management Board of Nui Sam National Tourist Area has implemented many measures to enhance support in order to assist visitors when visiting here.
Tra Su – from daily life to cinema
In 2020, Tra Su was recognised by the Vietnam Record Organisation as the most beautiful and famous melaleuca forest in Vietnam for travelling in the floating season. Tra Su is not an ancient forest, but with its simplicity and pristine nature, the scenery has become "richer" due to being cared for, cherished, loved and constantly cultivated by investors.
Hac Confluence Destination    (Apr 05, 2023)
Hac Confluence Destination
Bach Hac ward is located in the southeast of Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province where the legend of Hung Kings founding and defending the country originated. This is also the confluence of three rivers: Da River, Lo River, and Red River, so it is also known as the Hac confluence. With many potentials and advantages, Bach Hac Ward was selected by the Provincial People"s…