Hoa Binh Province: Tan Lac District develops sustainable tourism
As one of the four ancient ethnic Muong regions and the cradle of the famous Hoa Binh culture, the unique culture and peaceful landscape of Tan Lac District is an important resource to help the district develop sustainable tourism.
VNAT’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Le Phuc attends tourism stimulation conference of Hoa Binh Province
(TITC) - Recently, in Cao Phong District, the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh Province organised a conference to promote tourism with the theme “Hoa Binh, safe tourism destination - Full…
Discovering the tranquility of Pom Coong Village in Mai Chau
Pom Coong Village, near Mai Chau District in the mountainous province of Hoa Binh, is one of the beautiful spots in the north of Viet Nam.
Golden rice fields in full bloom in Hòa Bình Province
The northern province of Hòa Bình is well-known for its scenic landscapes, with primitive forests, magnificent caves, clear-water lakes and terraced rice fields all part of its beauty.  
PM approves planning tasks for Hoa Binh Lake tourism site
The Prime Minister has approved the tasks for the planning of construction of the Hoa Binh Lake national tourism site in the northern province of Hoa Binh to 2035.   
One day at Muong Culture Space Museum
The Muong Culture Space Museum is located in a small limestone valley in Hoa Binh Province, about 70km from Ha Noi. 
Project revives do paper craft in Hoa Binh
Do (poonah) paper making is an old-time craft handed down from one generation to the next of the Muong in Hoa Binh Province. Visiting Suoi Co Village, one can learn how to make do paper through a project to restore this original craft in this northern mountainous province.
Giang Mo Village offers community tours
Giang Mo is an adorable little village in Binh Thanh Commune, Cao Phong District, Hoa Binh Province. The village’s scenic mountain and traditional stilt houses of the Muong ethnic minority group make it a popular destination for tourists.
Festival helps promote northwestern community-based tourism
A northwestern region community-based tourism village festival concluded in Mai Chau district of Hoa Binh province on October 9 after three days.
Bong Lai Temple   (Mar 29, 2017)
Bong Lai Temple
(TITC) - Located on the foot of Dau Rong (Dragon Head) Mountain in Area 3, Cao Phong Town, Cao Phong District, Hoa Binh Province, about 10km south of Hoa Binh City, Bong Lai Temple worships Co Doi Thuong Ngan – a disciple of Mother Goddess of Forest and spirits of Four Realms according to the beliefs of Vietnamese people.
Cao Phong orange festival kicks off
The second Cao Phong orange festival and the Northwest Agriculture, Tourism and Trade fair kicked off at Cao Phong District’s Cultural House, Hoa Binh Province, on November 13.
Lac Village, a hidden beauty of Mai Chau
Lac Village in Chieng Mai Commune (Mai Chau District) has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hoa Binh Province for not only local people but also foreign visitors.  About 140km northwest of Ha Noi, Lac Village is the place of special traditional cultures of Black Thai people with their 700 year history.
Ba Khan – a miniature Ha Long Bay hidden in the mainland hills
Any traveller who has trekked through the Thung Khe mountain pass knows enchantment; they know the sight of a vast plain that sits among mountain clouds and chilled fog, among the rocky mountain range and the Da River reservoir.
Delicious grilled fish in Thung Nai
Nestled between a mountain and a river, the mountainous commune of Thung Nai in Hoa Binh Province’s Cao Phong District draws a large number of tourists every year for its gorgeous scenery, tranquility and food specialties, particularly grilled fish.
Motorcycling along Ho Chi Minh Trail
Motorcycling along Ho Chi Minh Trail is a real adventure for those loving free and easy travel. The road has been asphalted but there are some dangerous stretches having hairpin bends.