Top 5 most famous rivers in Vietnam with ton of incredible experiences
Famous rivers such as Mekong River, Han River, Ngo Dong River, Saigon River, and Huong River are all landscapes that you cannot miss when ‏‏traveling to Vietnam‏‏.‏
Cruising along Mekong River
Cruising along Mekong River   (Sep 15, 2021)
Neither as immense as Tonle Sap Lake nor as bustling as floating markets such as Cai Rang or Nga Nam, the Mekong River section which runs through Laos is as…
A food tour of Viet Nam is not to be missed: New York Times
The New York Times has named Viet Nam among seven journeys ideal for a cultural exploration through its cuisine.
10 ASEAN countries discuss developing river tourism product
(TITC) – On September 22, 2014, in Ho Chi Minh City, UNWTO in collaboration with Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) organized the Conference on ASEAN’s river tourism development.