Dive tourism suspension planned to protect coral reefs in Nha Trang Bay
The south-central province of Khanh Hoa is planning to suspend dive tourism in vulnerable coral reef areas in Nha Trang Bay due to serious reef degradation.
Nha Trang Bay tours resuming
Nha Trang Bay tours resuming   (Apr 20, 2021)
The number of tourists taking tours to Nha Trang Bay has increased significantly since April, according to Tran Van Phu, Head of Nha Trang Tourism Port, Nha Trang Bay Management…
Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival 2017 – Summer rendezvous for visitors
(TITC) - Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival 2017 themed “Extending the circle of friendship” will take place from 10 to 13 June 2017 in Nha Trang City, Khanh…
Nha Trang Bay   (Jun 07, 2017)
Sea sports complex unveiled in Nha Trang Bay
Tourists who love extreme sea sports now have a new destination to enjoy their hobby after an entertainment and sea sports complex opened on Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang Bay, the south central province of Khanh Hoa, on April 16.
Emperor Cruises kicks off the “Ultimate Speedboat Adventure”
There are 19 untouched islands that are just a short boat ride away in Nha Trang Bay, Khanh Hoa Province, Viet Nam. The 4-stroke, Emperor speedboat (www.emperorcruises.com) is the fastest and most comfortable speedboat in Nha Trang Bay. Often referred to as the beach capital of Viet Nam, Nha Trang, on the South Central Coast, enjoys a stunning coastline with white sandy beaches, an abundance of…
Emperor Cruises Nha Trang to offer private beach trip
To take a cruise with a difference, and to give guest more time both on the water and underwater, Emperor Cruises Nha Trang (www.emperorcruises.com), has added its own private beach getaway at Bai Cau Beach on Nha Trang Bay. This new day cruise itinerary will operate year-round in Nha Trang, named one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world.
Viet Nam's first five star all-inclusive cruises awarded for outstanding performance
A new way of experiencing Nha Trang Bay, Emperor Cruises touched the hearts of the cruise lovers and received a prestigious award from the Annual Guide Awards 2015.
Emperor Cruises to receive the most prestigious travel award
Viet Nam’s first five star all-inclusive cruise, Emperor Cruises (www.emperorcruises.com) has been chosen for the most prestigious honor at the annual Guide Awards 2015 and named "The best cruises in Nha Trang Bay, Viet Nam".
Nha Trang Bay   (Jul 30, 2015)
Nha Trang Bay
(TITC) - Located in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Nha Trang is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign visitors with blue beaches, gentle waves and fresh air.
Nha Trang to be graced with Sea Festival
A string of exciting cultural and sports activities will be organised in the central coastal city of Nha Trang for the Nha Trang Sea Festival from July 11 to 14.
The very first luxury cruises in Nha Trang Bay
The 28th of April, Nha Trang and Viet Nam's tourism industry have reached another milestone; the launching of the Emperor Cruises (www.emperorcruises.com) - the first five start all-inclusive cruises in Nha Trang Bay.
Discover Nha Trang in style with Emperor Cruises
Not just Ha Long Bay and Mekong Delta, travelers can now explore Nha Trang Bay on a five-star cruise, which is named one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world. Emperor Cruises will be the first to offer high-end all-inclusive, unlimited services to serve luxury travelers in Nha Trang Bay.
Nha Trang offers walk on seabed
A dive operator in Nha Trang Bay is offering a walk on the seabed for tourists to experience the beauty of the underwater world like marine plants and colourful corals and fish.
Sea Festival 2015 to grace Nha Trang in July
The central coastal city of Nha Trang will organise a string of exciting cultural and sports activities for the Nha Trang Sea Festival, scheduled to take place from July 11 to 14.