Golden antiques of the Cham people
The golden artifacts of the early people of the ancient kingdom of Champa not only impress with their abundance but also showcase a remarkable diversity in forms. These artistic masterpieces carry significant aesthetic value, exemplifying the advanced craftsmanship and metallurgical skills achieved by the Champa across different historical periods. Several of these ancient artifacts have earned their national treasure status.
Eco-friendly resort in Quang Nam
Silk Sense Hoi An River Resort, located peacefully on the romantic Co Co river (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province), is a resort for nature-loving tourists.
Son Tra Run Challenge 2023 - new tourism product in Da Nang
Online registration for the Son Tra Run Challenge 2023 has just been opened for runners at both home and abroad. The race has been receiving great anticipation from athletes, promising…
Opportunities for Quang Nam from the tourism trends in 2024
Traveloka (Southeast Asia’s leading travel platform) has just listed the tourism trends which are expected to contribute to the strong development of Vietnam's tourism industry in 2024.
Quang Nam: Hoi An firmly on path to becoming national tourist city
Determining the importance of tourism – the key local economic sector, the Quang Nam provincial Party Committee has issued a Resolution on building and developing Hoi An City according to the orientation of an ecological - cultural - tourism city until 2030, contributing to creating favorable conditions to exploit sustainable tourism development.
New rice celebration of the Co Tu in Quang Nam
The new rice celebration is one of the most important rituals of the Co Tu ethnic minority to show their gratitude to heaven and earth for giving them good weather and bumper crops. The ritual is organized every year following the harvest.
Quang Nam tourism broadcast on Japanese TV
A film crew of TV Man Union of Japan visited several tourist destinations in Quang Nam province to make documentaries promoting the landscapes, culture, and people of Viet Nam.
Community-based tourism in Cam Kim (Hoi An, Quang Nam)
The natural, historical and cultural values have been well preserved and promoted in community-based tourism development in Cam Kim (Hoi An, Quang Nam province).
Enjoying homegrown fruits in Loc Yen (Quang Nam)
In late fall, visitors to the ancient village of Loc Yen in Tien Canh (Quang Nam province) can explore its centuries-old houses with stone alleys and enjoy various fruits.
Hoi An advances toward a global creative city
Hoi An is an ancient city with many multi-layered cultural traditions, rich identities, various forms of folk art, and several craft villages. Hoi An, in Quang Nam province, has a great potential and holds many advantages to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Once it is recognized as a global creative city, Hoi An will have new opportunities to promote its cultural tangible and intangible values and create…
Lantern making – one of the most interesting experiences in Vietnam
The 10 most exciting travel experiences in Vietnam 2023 have just been announced by travel review organization Tripadvisor, as part of the annual Travelers' Choice Best of the Best Awards.
Tourism and green investment in Quang Nam
 Green tourism is still a trend. Concurrently, green investment is considered a lever for tourism development.
Tung tung da dá, traditional dance of the Co Tu
Tung tung da dá is a traditional community dance of the Co Tu ethnic minority. The beautiful dance shows a harmony between men and women, symbolizing yin and yang in the universe. All villagers make a circle and dance anti-clockwise to the background sound of upbeat drums and gongs echoing in the majestic Truong Son mountain range.
Yen Bai Province to host Shan Tuyet Tea Festival "The quintessence in the midst of a thousand clouds"
(TITC) – A festival dedicated to Shan Tuyet (Snow Shan), a specialty tea from the northern mountainous region, is scheduled to take place from 22nd – 28th September in Van Chan District of Yen Bai Province.
Guol House, a cultural symbol of the Co Tu
The Guol House features the unique architecture and culture of the Co Tu. It’s a sacred and intimate symbol in the material and cultural life of the ethnic minority group, who live mainly in Thua Thien Hue and Quang Nam province in the Truong Son range.