Story of nhut, a specialty of Nghe An
For northerners, fermented pickles are part and parcel of daily meals, but for locals in central provinces, particularly Nghe An, nhút (pickle made from young jackfruit) is a real specialty.  
Bun nuoc leo, a specialty of Tra Vinh’s Khmer ethic group
Tra Vinh is famous far and wide for a specialty locally known as 'bun nuoc leo' (noodle soup with sauce made from different fish) which was invented by the Khmer…
Salt field shrub – a Nghe An specialty
About 250km from Ha Noi, Quynh Bang Commune in the central province of Nghe An is home to a tasty surprise ahead.
Banana blossom salad – a specialty of Viet Nam cuisine
Nom hoa chuoi (Banana blossom salad) once a popular dish in rural parts of the country, is now a specialty of Viet Nam cuisine.
Cham curry – specialty of Cham people in An Giang
An Giang is the land of native Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer and Cham people living peacefully together for hundreds of years. The local Cham community mainly follows Muslim, creating unique cultural features from mosque architectures to housing designs or traditional costumes.