Long An

Area: 4,495.0 sq. km.
Population: 1,484.7 thousand habitants (2015).
Capital: Tan An City.
Town: Kien Tuong.
Districts (13): Ben Luc, Can Duoc, Can Giuoc, Chau Thanh, Duc Hoa, Duc Hue, Moc Hoa, Tan Thanh, Tan Tru, Thanh Hoa, Thu Thua, Vinh Hung, Tan Hung.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Khmer, Tay, Hoa...


Located on the Mekong Delta, Long An is surrounded by Tay Ninh Province and Cambodia on the north, Ho Chi Minh City on east, Tien Giang Province on the south and Dong Thap Province on the west.

Long An is divided into smaller areas by a complex network of rives and canals. Silt from Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rives has raised the level of the field of Long An. This silt makes a good condition for agriculture. The terrain is quite flat except some hills and mounds on the north. The western area belongs to the Plain of Reeds.

Climate: Long An is on tropical monsoon climate. The rain season lasts from May to October and the dry season lasts from November to April next year. Average annual temperature is 27.4oC. Average annual rainfall is 1,620mm.

Visitors are attracted to Long An by value of Oc Eo culture that develops on the Mekong Delta from 1st BC to 6th century BC. 12,000 objects of 20 prehistoric monuments and 100 Oc Eo culture relics have been found. Beside these, Long An preserves valuable sites including House with Hundred Columns, Rach Coc Fort, Ton Thanh Pagoda. In Dong Thap Muoi Eco-tourist Site, tourists can discover many special flora and fauna and try typical dishes of the South.


Hundred-column house (Long An Province)



Long An is 47km from Ho Chi Minh City. Long An has National Road N°. 1 crossing Tan An City, N°. 62 linking to Binh Hiep Border Gate to Cambodia, N°. 50 from My Tho (Tien Giang) to Ho Chi Minh City via Can Duoc.


Bus: Long An Bus Station (113 National Road N°. 1, Tan An City) are daily buses to Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces in the South region.


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Ny Hotel

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Long An Trade Union Hotel 

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