Buffalo-Stabbing Festival

Time: During the first part of the twelfth lunar month to the third lunar month next year.
Place: At “Nha Rong” (Communal House).
Characteristics: This is a popular festival in the Central Highlands, and the most well known cultural activity in the region. 

After the praying ceremonies for the deities to come and witness the villagers' keen sincerity and to receive their offerings, the buffalo is then brought to a column in the middle of the yard, where everyone, young and old, female and male, dance to the sound of gongs. A buffalo-stabbing group, which consists of young strong men armed with cold spears, appears and the buffalo stabbing ceremony begins. The villagers kill the buffalo, which is sacrificed to Giang (God), and then they celebrate with a big feast.


Buffalo Stabbing Festival usually lasts for two or three days on special occasions for the village or household. The whole community happily participates.


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