Lang Sen Wetland Reserve

Location: With a natural area of about 5,000ha, Lang Sen Wetland Reserve includes Dong Thap Muoi Mangrove Forest Reserve and a part of 3 communes of Vinh Loi, Vinh Chau A, Vinh Dai, Tan Hung District, Long An Province.

Characteristics: Lang Sen Wetland Reserve is considered as a miniature Dong Thap Muoi. This is one of the typical models of wetland ecosystem, including mangrove forests, rice fields, seasonally waterlogged grasslands, etc.

Flora and Fauna

Lang Sen area is heavily covered with flora varied to the seasonal tides of the Mekong river, especially planted cajuput forest which attracts a diverse fauna to inhabit here.


According to the preliminary survey results, Lang Sen has 156 species of flora, most of which are the lotus, water lilies, wild rice, pipe grass, water hyacinth, etc; 148 species of birds and 87 species of freshwater fishes, typically sarus crane, adjutant, purple heron, green-leg white heron, bronze featherback, giant barb, Mekong giant catfish, broadhead catfish; 149 vertebrate species belonging to 46 families, of which 13 species are listed in Viet Nam's Red Data Book.




The diversity of the flora and fauna here has been damaged by the agricultural activities of the local residents, reducing the number of endemic species once lived here. Since 1998, several researches and surveys have been implemented by local and international organizations in order to collect appropriate proof for the establishment of a natural reserve. In early 2004, the wetland area became a wetland reserve by the decision of the Vietnamese government. It was also chosen as one of two typical areas of wise biological diversity reserve in Mekong Basin sponsored by IUCN, GEF, UNDP, and MWBP.


Since 2015, Lang Sen Wetland Reserve has been recognized as the 2227th Ramsar site of the world.


The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Lang Sen is the flooding season (from September to November), when the mangrove forests, grasslands, lotus fields, etc stretch as endless, water birds fly back to the nest. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy typical dishes of Mekong River Delta such as fried catfish, grilled snakehead with green lotus leaf, fish sour soup with common sesban, etc.

Long An

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