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To China


* Overland international border gates:

Lao Cai Border Gate in Lao Cai Province:

Lao Cai Border Gate is in the north of Lao Cai City. From Lao Cai City, across Ho Kieu Bridge - link Lao Cai Province (Viet Nam) with Yunnan Province (China) - to China.

 Mong Cai Border Gate in Quang Ninh Province:

Mong Cai Border Gate is in the northeast of Quang Ninh Province, 176km from Ha Long City, 327km from Hanoi. From Ha Long City, along the highway 18 to Mong Cai City, and then across the Mong Cai Border Gate to China.

Huu Nghi Border Gate in Lang Son Province:

Huu Nghi Border Gate is 17km from Lang Son City to the north, 171km from Ha Noi to the northeast.

* Railway international border gate:

Dong Dang Border Gate in Lang Son Province:

The international train route from Hanoi to Dong Dang Station in Lang Son, where customs and immigration procedures are completed  to go to China.